A Little Help - Celestia expansion

A Little Help - Celestia expansion

  • Производител: Blackrock Games
  • Модел: BG-BLM006CE
  • Наличност:Няма наличност


без ДДС: 15.90лв.

Take to the skies once again in Celestia's first expansion! True to its name, A Little Help introduces new ways for players to help the active captain and journey deeper together into Celestia's magical islands. Additionally, special player powers give the game a new dimension, enhancing its replayability and value over time.

32 Beautiful, New Cards to Play With!

  • 2 Bandit Cards
  • 2 Mooring Line Cards
  • 6 Character Cards
  • 8 Upgraded Equipment Cards (2 of each type)
  • 14 A Little Help Cards (2 Blue, 3 Yellow, 4 Red, 5 Black)

Sometimes You Need a Little Help!

The sky can be a dangerous place for adventurers, and sometimes the captain needs a little help to make it safely to the next port. In Celestia: A Little Help, players are given new options to help them face the increasingly dangerous trials that await them and their captain. Will you lend a helping hand, or will you go down with the ship? Find out in Celestia: A Little Help!

New Mechanics to Mix Things Up!

Celestia: A Little Help introduces some new mechanics to add more variety and excitement to your adventures in the clouds! Face greater challenges with upgraded Equipment capable of dealing with two of the same hazard. Throw a wrench into the plans of the other adventurers with Mooring Line and Bandit Power cards. Lend a helping hand to the captain if the ship is going to crash with A Little Help cards.Each character now has a special power that can be used to turn the tides in your favor once per game. The powers are unique and powerful, so using them wisely can mean the difference between success and ruin!

Настолна игра
Брой играчи 2-6 играчи
Време за игра 30 минути
Възраст 8+ години
Език на играта Английски