Dixit 8 Harmonies

Dixit 8 Harmonies

  • Производител: Libellud
  • Модел: DIX-8
  • Наличност:211


без ДДС: 33.90лв.

Вдъхнете нов живот на вашите Dixit забавления с Dixit Хармонии!

Dixit … неочаквана, вълшебна и изразителна игра, еднакво забавна със семейство или с приятели. Това са новите допълнителни карти за отличената  с множество награди Dixit.

Оставете се на майсторството на художника Пол Ечегойен да ви поведе към кръстопътя между капризната реалност и странни пророчества.

Отдайте се на магията на Dixit и преживейте едно ново и неповторимо пътешествие, което ще ви изпрати отвъд въображението ви…

Съдържа 84 карти с изображения

За да играете с тези карти ви е нужна основната игра Dixit!

Interview with Paul Echegoyen, who created the artwork for Dixit 8 Harmonies


Dixit 8 Harmonies is the seventh expansion for Dixit. Nearly a decade after the original game was released, new illustrators take you on a tour of their imaginations each year. Paul Echegoyen is the illustrator for this latest creation; we asked him a few questions about his work for the expansion.


Do you play board games or video games? Had you heard of Dixit before working on the project?


I have always enjoyed playing games since I was a child, and never really stopped. I started out building sprawling cities in the sand pit at elementary school (my dream was to become an architect), went on to play traditional board games on long Sunday afternoons at my grand-parents’ home (my boundless patience made me near-unbeatable at pick-up sticks!) and eventually discovered the world of video games in my teenage years (I am a big fan of the Final Fantasy franchise). I was already familiar with Dixit. I received the game as a gift several years ago, and my stablemate Clément Lefèvre produced the Dixit 4 Origins expansion.


What appealed to you in this project?


I like the principle of the game, and what the images can trigger in people’s imaginations. In parallel to the game itself, certain cards suggest themes that spark discussions among players. Producing images that encourage such conversations was what appealed to me most.


Did you draw on your previous work when producing the cards? Did you adopt your usual work method or take a different approach?


I used the same method as for my books: layout sketches first, followed by the final drawing and lastly, the color work.

Some sources of inspiration were richer than others. Certain cards were quite hard, as I was blending the styles I use for children’s illustrations and adult artwork. This project has been a sort of graphic laboratory!


Was illustrating 84 cards a challenge? Did you run into any difficulties?


A challenge is definitely the right word! I had no idea of the amount of work that would be required… It’s not enough to just produce pretty pictures: you have to think about the composition, legibility issues, the meaning of the specified theme, the overall graphic consistency (particularly in terms of colors)… As each image is unique, you need lots of energy in order to constantly refresh your approach without losing the overall identity.


What is your favorite Dixit card (from any expansion) and why?


My favorite card relates to a fond memory of a slightly tipsy games night among friends. I’m thinking of the card (from the original game, I think) featuring a white baby’s crib on a deserted path through a dark forest. I’ve forgotten what theme had been announced, but when I saw this card lying there on the table I nearly died laughing! My laughing fit proved contagious, spreading to everyone at the table!


If you were a Dixit card, which one would you be?


A card from the “Origins” expansion, showing a young boy seated on his bed, floating on a rough sea as a huge, magnificent whale breaks the surface.

Настолна игра
Брой играчи 3-6 играча
Време за игра 30 минути
Възраст 8+ години
Език на играта Български